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Artist Profile

Eileen Marcotte’s art incorporates gourds, weaving fibers, and basketry techniques.  She has been making gourd art since 1990. She has studied under gourd art master, Don Weeke and currently travels to advanced classes taught by master gourd carver, Bonnie Gibson.  


With a home base and studio in Hayden, Idaho, Eileen loves traveling to show her work in the western United States.  She balances her life with outdoor activities, and enjoys family outings and new adventures with friends. 


Raw gourds are never the same, each creating a different canvas for creating. Eileen enjoys the challenge of not knowing what to expect until the gourd is opened. Is it thick enough to carve?  Does it want embellishment? Is it too thin and perhaps needs only ink for color? Is there a crack? Can it be cut out and used as a loom for a weave?  


Eileen’s work is published in Gourd Carving By Jim Weidess and Ginger Summit and Weekend Gourd Crafting by Ginger Summit.   


Current galleries 

Shaver Lake Gallery

Shaver Lake , California

Entree Gallery

Priest Lake, Idaho

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